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MIFT research on future of denim


MIFT has its proto denim lab in Kanpur where it is unwashed and categorized by its stiff composition and various shades. Disparity, the common denim, we buy have been washed in a series of industrial process to soften and put in various visual effects. At MIFT denim research department conduct research on rinse wash and cellulose wash primarily. MIFT research and development try to establish a system to maintain recyclability and reusability of Denim fabric in India. By promoting patch and repair denim, MIFT is trying to reduce wastage and help environment.

Wash Type of Denim.gif
Different Wash

Rinse Wash generally applied for high intensity fading effect on denim product such as Jeans or Jacket. Primary purpose of Rinse wash is to make the attire wearable. Whilst manufacturing the fabric, starch is used to make stronger the Warp. This makes the fabric very stiff and harsh to skin. Thus in rinse wash this garment is done and some softening agent is applied to improve the hand feel of garment. Potassium Permanganate is used on blasted area with spray gun of paint brush.

rinse 1

rinse 0
Rinse Wash

At MIFT mostly three kind of Cellulose are being used for Denim washing i.e. Neutral, Acid and Bio polishing Enzyme. Enzymes are extremely susceptible to various setting of parameters in washing cycle such as pH, Temperature & time and if any of these parameters are not constantly maintained then the product will not be desired. The chemical responses of enzyme can be controlled and additionally its biodegradable products so overall it is an Eco friendly manufacturing process. 3rd method, Bio Polishing Cellulose is being used to have protruded fibre removal from denim & oven fabric. This method is also known as Anti piling enzyme. 

engyme 1

engyme 2
Enzymes Wash

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