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5 reasons that will make you love traditional fashion of Arunachal


MIFT Research and Development regards Arunachal Pradesh, India as the forerunner of World Fashion & Style. Chugba, Shingka, Khichin, Ngama-shom, Chupa, Mushaiks, Galuk etc have enormous influence on MIFT designers. Arunachal Pradesh is innovative spring of motivation for MIFT Fashion Designers. MIFT list out 5 most interesting facts that make you love Arunachal.

  1. Unlike other parts of world, there are more that 100 ethnic cultures & amusingly these tribes have different fashion culture and custom. With over 100 sub tribes and the traditional costume is fixed for each tribe, But the basic form of a sleeveless chemise with an embroidered, full-sleeved jacket along with a wrap-around skirt is usually worn with different historical & traditional touch. The attire is almost always accompanied by a waistcoat.


  1. Unlike rest of the world Rare Designs and Unique Accessories are wore by different tribal societies. Accessories are an important feature of the state’s traditions. A skull-cap filled with Yak hair, called ‘Gurdam’ is worn to add grace to the overall look, Also Nagma-shom type of headgear is used by men and women both. Shingka is a sleeveless gown of red color with white stripes; it is made of coarse endi. It is lifted and gridled round the waist by a red color sash called KHICHIN. CHUPA, a thick woolen cloak dyed red madder is worn in winter with KHICHIN.

adi padam

  1. How many of us weave textile at home? Arunachal Pradesh tribal has a strange custom in which females are leading in weaving at home. Usually warp is very dense and typically covers the weft, consequently the final woven textile become very bulky. The diverse patterns are exclusive to the ceremonies and festivals of different tribal community. Arrangement of red, black and white are vastly used to weave large stripes into the material by utilizing diverse coloured yarns in the warp which are made from natural sources such as leaves, barks, roots and seeds of trees as well as from man-made chemicals.


  1. While world follow Hollywood, Fashion Weeks & Technology for fashionable clothing, textile and accessories; These tribes use ancient Geometric Patterns, such as Line, cross, Zig-Zag lines and angular shapes, floral and Zemorphic designs which seems much more futuristic and technically sustainable. Line, cross, Zig-Zag lines and angular shapes are very common in tribes of Arunachal Pradesh mainly Adi, Mishmi and Apatani.



  • Moreover floral and Zemorphic designs are almost geometric form only. The plain straight lines, angular stripes, different bands and similar patterns are very easy to design thus more commonly used. Contrast arrangement of different colours is relatively trendy. The extremely well-organized Apatani and Adi Tribals prefer simple straight line; contrary to that Mishmis individualistic approach for life encourages them to prefer unusual permutation of dissimilar easy patterns.


  1. Sustainability is the major cause to respect traditional fashion & culture of Arunanchal Pradesh & its people. Ultra consumerism, Fast Fashion, Textile wastage, CO2 emission & pollution from textile mills, Excess use of water consumption in fiber and textile industry etc are only a few discouraging reasons which motivate world to learn sustainable, Eco-unfriendly, Economically viable and natural way of producing fibers, textiles and apparels from Arunachal Pradesh.aa3aa9612d1e881869f3cf7962fc38c7About Author

    MIFT ( Mysore Institute of Fashion Technology) students, trainee and scholars study and research about fashion, makeup, forecasting, e commerce, disruptive technologies in fashion & cosmetics industry. The primary research objective is to create open industry modular ecosystem platform for fashion designers and makeup artists to work and earn in hyper personal and local market using IR 4 and 5 ( industrial revolution) technologies to disrupt connected digitalization of mass production. 

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