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Fashion VS Food

While a fast food uniform may be something viewed as strictly utilitarian for those that wear it — and a sign of a shared corporate identity for those ordering — McDonald’s latest uniform redesign continues the chains stated desire to put “food” in between common sartorial modifiers “fast” and “fashion.”

Designed by Waraire Boswell and Bindu Rivas — the former who has designed and dressed the likes of LeBron James, Pharrell Williams, Will Smith and Kobe Bryant — the American designer was very familiar with both the needs and desires of their employees after having worked at the fast food chain before turning to fashion.


While the adidas Climacool 1 has since been retroed in 2016, the original iteration dates back to 2002 when Coca-Cola and adidas were both title sponsors of the World Cup in Korea/Japan.

Featuring red mesh and gold accents that represent the cola bottle — as well as co-branding on both heels and special soccer ball graphic footbeds — it marked one of Coca-Cola’s earliest forays into fashion.





“Moschino: Over 12 Million Served” — which’s Tim Blanks referred to as “a mutant hybrid of Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel.”

Scott said of his collection, “McDonald’s is part of our everyday lives. When I design I always pull from things that are significant to me. In my work I search for happiness and then try to convey that joy in the clothes.”

While other collaborations were sanctioned by both parties, Scott’s interpretation was viewed more as a parody than an homage; which is a major reason why Moschino didn’t face any litigation.




Over their 20-year retail tenure, colette has been no stranger to partnerships — even helping us celebrate our 14th print issue with peel away stickers by a range of contemporary artists and illustrators including André, Darcel, James Jarvis, Kevin Lyons and many others.

This particular union saw some of McDonald’s’ most popular menu items presented as pictograms on T-shirts, tote bags and smartphone cases that had conceived by French advertising agency, TBWA Paris.


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