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2.0 Makeup Styling, Prosthetic & Special Effects: Sean Foot the stylist of Lords of The Ring, The Last Samurai, The Hobbit & Now Robot 2.0


Akshay said, “It was a very challenging role and it took a toll on my body. But the pain and sacrifice was worth it. My character required around 4 hours of prosthetic make-up and another hour and a half to remove it. In my whole career, I’ve never put so much of make-up.”


This stalwart makeup artist is one of the many hardworking people from New Zealand who have benefited from Peter Jackson’s meteoric efforts to make the country a cinematic powerhouse. Starting with Jackson’s first foray into true drama, Foot was there as a prosthetics technician for the effects house Weta as it worked on “Heavenly Creatures.”



Akshay Kumar’s Robot 2 look has taken everyone by a surprise. The action king of Bollywood looked unrecognizable and way too scary in his recent avatar.

Talking about it, he told The Quint, “When you are shooting with prosthetics all over your body, the pores on your skin can’t breathe because there is no oxygen since your whole body is packed. So, for the five to six hours that I used to shoot, all the sweat used remain inside my body. When they use to remove the whole thing, I used to smell of sweat”.


2.0, the costliest film ever made in the history of Indian cinema, is gearing up for release this year. It is a known fact that the VFX effects of the film consumed the larger part of the film’s budget, since director Shankar was keen on setting a benchmark with the film.


Here’s a curiosity-buster from our end! Makeup artist, Sean Foot is the legend behind Akshay Kumar’s fiendish-vampire look and the Khiladi made sure that the artist’s work is accounted for by posting a video of the prosthetic makeup on his Twitter and Instagram account.

And true to his profession, Sean in the video made best use of his art skill rather than the special effects of technology to give Akshay Kumar, the look that will keep us up at night.


The makeup artist, Sean Foot the man behind James Cameron’s Avatar look, created this look for the Khiladi and gave him the distinct Crow Man look in 2.0.


Foot’s association with Weta continued doing home-grown effects for the popular Hercules television show, but his real claim to fame was at having his hand on someone’s foot – namely that of Sean Astin – as that actor’s prosthetic worker who was charged with putting Hobbit feet on. The joke was an amusing one: Sean Foot put feet on Sean Astin. Though he was visibly tired of this joke by the time Foot’s behind-the-scenes footage was taped for the DVD of “Fellowship of the Ring,” this hardworking makeup artist surely will be remembered as having stood a head above the rest.


International make up artist Sean Foot was appointed to do the makeup and the movie’s trailer suggests he has done a fantastic job! As per the reports, it took 6 hours for Akshay Kumar to wear the prosthetics!


Apart from the stellar star cast, the film also boasts of a powerful behind-the-scenes team. Sean Foot is the makeup artist, Kenny Bates has been roped in to direct action sequences. 2.0 is also being hailed as the first Indian film to have been shot entirely in 3D technology.


Though Akshay Kumar has starred in several South film remakes, this is the first time that the action superstar will be seen playing a mainstream role in a Tamil film, where he will be seen at logger heads with Rajinikanth in high-octane action scenes.



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Scarf Fashion, Type and how to wear them

In ancient Egyptian culture, scarves were viewed as a social status symbol. Queen Nefertiti is one of the first known scarf wearers. She donned a scarf-like piece of cloth beneath her iconic headdress. Scarves were found on sculptures of Chinese warriors dating back to 1000 B.C. Also, at approximately 230 B.C., Chinese Emperor Cheng prescribed that his warriors don cloth scarves as a symbol of their rank. In ancient time long head scarf was mandatory dress code for Indian brides as it adds a regal element to the Indian bride’s look. Lets c how scarf has changed fashion in this century:

20s – 30s

The 1920s was the age of the drop-waist hem, over-embellishment and loose, boyish shapes. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel turned the fashion world on it’s head by designing the first modern, timeless wardrobe staple: the little black dress.

40s – 50s

As World War 2 approached, the fashion of the ‘roaring twenties’ withdrew into something more ladylike and coy and after WW2 everything was changed. Sleek and tidy feminine forms made an appearance with more drawn in waists and calf-length skirts. Also scarf tied and worn in the hair as a turban. To keep slippery silk from sliding away use bobby pins around neck the base and crown.

60s – 80s

Longer silk scarves were tied around the hair, with the lengths of fabric left flowing down the back. A long and wide scarf could also be turned into a fashionable stole, cardigan or belt. scarves were worn to coordinate with an outfit or an ensemble. Women wore suits of a skirt and matching jacket, and finished the look with coordinating gloves, handbag, hat and scarf. Many women found middle-ground by using a scarf and tying it as a pussy bow. The pussy bow was often paired with collared shirts or shift dresses.


After 80s

After 80s mass production, quick supply chain, internationalization, TV commercials and global communication created hyper personal market and different people started opting for different scarf which they individually like.  After 80s one can find African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European scarf and style in any metro city of the world.


How to wear a scarf:-

Tying a scarf around your neck can make your outfit look more polished, and it can help keep you warm on a cold day. You can even create a variety of looks depending on how you tie your scarf!


Drape on Shoulders  

Dress up a casual T with a thin, over-one-shoulder scarf. Find a double-wrap or wide belt to keep it secure. Tip: Opt for a thin (think silk) scarf to avoid bulk.

Head Cover

This is the most adorned style in Indian tradition. Over-the-head drape is the most elegant type of carrying a dupatta and showcase many amusing hairstyles as well. It adds a regal element to the bride’s look. The fabric used in this style is generally net, chiffon, or sheer silk which translucently reflects the face of the wearer.


The Side Tie

The Dot Delight Kerchief is the most adorable way to wear a scarf tied to the side. Simply drape the scarf and tie a knot on the side of your neck.


French Knot

Just fold the scarf in half put it around your shoulders. Take one loose end piece and pull it over and under the scarf loop. Take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop.


African Style

Also known as iduku in isiZulu, dhuku in Shona, duku in Chichewa, and gele in Yoruba, the headwrap is an undeniable and glorious African statement.



Fold a long scarf if half lengthwise. Grab the diagonal ends and knot them together. Put it over your neck, then twist it and loop again.


Knotted Headscarf

It is simplest style. It was very popular, especially among royalty and celebrities, with Queen Elizabeth adopting them as part of her uniform, wearing them—to this day—as headscarves. 

Pussy Bow

It is tied like bow. The pussy bow was often paired with collared shirts or shift dresses.

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Glasses: Types, Evolution in Decades, Design for faces shapes & How to Remove Spectacle Marks

Off course everybody loves glasses, goggles and spectacles but have ever encountered any issue with it such as 

How to choose glasses/goggles and frame as per face shape and size?

How to remove spectacles? What is LASIK? How is it done?

Why Glasses leave impressions and marks on Face, Nose and Under Eyes – Why?

Home Remedies to Remove Spectacle Marks


A great pair of glasses can make a huge difference. Not only can a great pair of glasses look good, but they can feel good, help you see better than you ever have, and can make you forget that you’re even wearing them. Faces come in all sizes, and glasses should sit in the right position and be the right proportion to the rest of your face in order to avoid distracting from your appearance or obstructing the rest of your face. Eyewears evolved in different decades and were always part of fashion statement.

1900s-1930s : Round and Cat Eye Shape

This period was marked by lorgnette and pince-nez style glasses. Worn by men and women alike, lorgnette glasses did not rest on the wearer’s face, but rather were spectacles held up to the face with a handle. These were lauded by women because they did not fully cover the face, and they were used more as an accessory than a practical, vision-enhancing tool.


The biggest trend in eyewear in the 1940s was surely the “browline.” Introduced in 1947 and combining both metal and plastic, the top section of the frame is made in plastic, giving them their distinctive, signature faux eyebrow look. The browline was so popular after the second World War that it made up 50 percent of all eyeglass sales moving right into the 1950s.


As can be expected given the political and social climate of the 1960s, the decade’s eyewear was equally wild and varied. John Lennon, a trendsetter in more ways than one, popularized the round teashades–a style rumored to hide the effects of drug use and were considered a symbol for liberal ideologies.

How to choose glasses/goggles and frame as per face shape and size


Oval Face Shape

An oval is considered the holy grail of face shapes. Those lucky enough to have a face that is noticeably longer than it is wide and with a rounded jaw should try not to look too smug when we say you can wear pretty much any frame available.



A face with a strong jawline and broad forehead will look good with rounded sunglasses that contrast with the face shape. Shop for sunglasses that have rounded bottom edges with top edges that are fairly straight across, like classic wayfarer sunglasses.


Heart-shaped faces usually look nice with frames that are wider on the bottom or have some kind of detail on the lower half of the frames. Be sure that the frames are slightly wider than the forehead for a proper fit


A face with a narrow chin and wide forehead will look best with sunglasses that are heavier toward the bottom edge, like aviator sunglasses. You can find pair of aviator sunglasses in metal frames as well as plastic, so you have many to choose from.

How to remove spectacles? What is LASIK? How is it done?

LASIK or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis is procedure commonly used for removal of spectacle number (Glasses) of the patient. The surgery is done on the cornea which is the outermost clear part of the eye. A flap is created as a part of the process followed by laser delivery on the cornea to remove the glass number. The flap is positioned back at the end of the procedure.


Why Glasses leave impressions and marks on Face, Nose and Under Eyes – Why?

  • Heavy glasses form impressions on the bridge of the nose. With long term usage, the marks deepen.
  • Continued usage will cause pigmentation.
  • Tight eyewear also causes marks.

Home Remedies to Remove Spectacle Marks


The gel or juice from an aloe vera leaf is very soothing for the skin. Draw out a little gel from a freshly cut leaf and apply it over the darkened areas. Leave it on your skin until it dries and then wash off with cool water.


Potato Tomato Cucumber Mix

Rub fresh slice of potato or tomato on the marks. Do it on the regular basis. It will clear the spectacle scars within a few days. Rub cucumber slice on the affected area. Alternatively, squeeze the juice of cucumber. Add potato and tomato juice in it. Mix well. Apply this mixture on your nose, with the help of a cotton ball. Allow it to dry.


Honey, Lemon and Apple Vinegar Mix

Take a fresh lemon. Extract out its juice. Mix equal quantity of honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar. You can also mix milk and oat in this mixture. Apply the mixture on the affected region.


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Fashion Quotes

Coco Chanel

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”


Alexander McQueen

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”

Marilyn Monroe

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”



Bill Blass

“When in doubt, wear red.”

Sophia Loren

“A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”


Christian Louboutin

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

 – Oscar Wilde


“Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job.”

 – Herbert Harold Vreeland

“One pretends to do something, or copy someone or some teacher, until it can be done confidently and easily in what becomes one’s own style”.

 – Cary Grant


“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.”

 – Hardy Amies

“A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men”

 – Anon


“Like every good man, I strive for perfection, and, like every ordinary man, I have found that perfection is out of reach – but not the perfect suit.”

 – Edward Tivnan






“Good, old-fashioned ways keep hearts sweet, heads sane, hands busy.”

― Lousia May Alcott

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”

― Marilyn Monroe


“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”

– Christian Louboutin

If Love Is Bling why lingeries are so attractive.jpg

“Good shoes take you good places.”

– Seo Min Hyun

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

– Coco Chanel


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90s Fashion : Come Back, 90s Fashion Icon, Trends, Style, How to get the 90s style!

It can be fun, but the 90s have introduced all sorts of ugly clothes and accessories in mainstream fashion. Think about overalls, fanny packs, backwards baseball caps, neon colours, slap bracelets, solid colour tees under blazers, super baggy pants. But there’s a big potential of cool and playful looks you can still rock today, and in fact many of the 90s men’s fashion staples have either stayed or are experiencing a revival. So tie a hoodie around your waist, flip your cap backwards and keep reading.

Want to know who are these celebrities who changed the way we looked at fashion in the 90s? Here’s a roundup…

Womens Fashion Icons 

Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Hurley, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez

Mens Fashion Icons 

Dr Dre, Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio

Some fashion trends are so relatable and nostalgic that you can pick it up from where you left. Yes, so the 90s fashion trends are slowly making a comeback. If you have not heard yet, it is the next big thing. But again, they have all got a makeover to match the current fashion scene. Anyway, brace yourself for a fashionable trip down the memory lane.


Flared Jeans

Long before skinny jeans were everyone’s go-to denim style, flared and wide-leg designs reigned supreme. Thanks to a preference for oversized and loose silhouettes, these pants were highly favoured during the ’90s. Their casual aesthetic made them perfect for daywear, but these must-have pants were also on show at night with crop tops. To rock flared jeans today, consider selecting a cropped style to give this look a modern update.


90s Hip Hop

Bold colours and bucket hats, 90s hip hip fashion was the shit. Think Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Oversized was “the thing”, oversized dungarees, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies…everything was BIG and BULKY. And we can’t forget the matching trackies faze…so glad that’s a thing of the past. Oh and if you want to be reallllllly hip hop fo shiz, just rock a reverse bandana, Tupac-style and sag yo pants for real.


Bucket Hats

While this trend might have started with Liam Gallagher and the Manchester music scene, the likes of All Saints and Naomi Campbell were seen promoting this look too. Most recently, Justin Bieber tried to bring it back again. Opinions are split.


Buffalo Shoes

The Spice Girls really started something with Buffalo. Pretty soon we were all bouncing around on sky-high sponge platform trainers thinking we looked the shizz.



Flannel may have made a comeback thanks to the whole Americana thing, but in the ’90s, flannel shirts were never buttoned unless you were the Bounty mascot.



Windbreakers were all the rage in the 90s! They are windproof, multicolored jackets that people wore with all sorts of outfits. Wear a T-shirt underneath the windbreaker, and choose to either leave it open or zip it up.


Bandanas were such a versatile accessory to have in your ’90s wardrobe, because you could wear them in your hair! Around your neck! As a shirt! The possibilities really were endless.



The fabric became popular after Gianni Versace created a more wearable version, and the idea has returned yet again with chainmail tops popping up all over the high street.

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Fashion Style: types and categories, affordable style tips and styles list for those who hate fashion!


Whether you’re a total art-lover, a big believer in self-expression, or simply a gal who wants to dress outside the box more often, shouldn’t your wardrobe match your individuality, creative spirit and prominence? Dressing styles can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You take help of your stylist friends or professional stylists who have handles responsibilities as fashion stylist as explained below:

Very Basic Responsibilities for Fashion Stylists

  • Picking clothing and accessories for editorial features and advertisements, concerts, music videos, films and TV shows
  • Working with designers, tailors, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, retailers, members of the media, publicists, celebrities and public figures
  • Creating an image for celebrities
  • Researching fabrics, clothing construction and fashion accessories

Some Very Easy Affordable Styles for you with zero investment 

Just like your style, the accessories you pair your outfit with say a lot about you. From your shoes to your wallet, everything represents your style. Lest see some low cost styles which will make you standout from crowd:


Anyone who likes to wear athletic wear for casual and daily wear primarily has adopted the trend. With some development various trends and styles, Athleisure wear includes yoga pants, jogger pants, shorts, sweatpants, gym stringers, gym tanks, sports bras, sweat-wicking gym tees, hoodies, sneakers, shoes, and so on.



Bohemian dressing expressed the hippie free-spirited lifestyle back in the day, and then returned after a couple of decades. There’s so much you can do with India’s kurtis. Your best bet is Indian handloom kurtis in old style prints like ikat, pochampally, baltic, etc., that give you the perfect Bohemian look. Just add a chunky statement necklace, a big finger ring, a silver nose pin or a septum ring, and see the difference it makes to your outfit. Indian embroidered work bags or huge wallets and leather bags with distressed edges in crimson, nude or brown add up to your look. Knee length Indian sandals go with boho dresses, skirts, and shorts, while the ankle length ones go with kurtis, ankle length jeans, and long skirts.


Artsy is a style for a creative thinker. The clothes an arty girl wears shows her artistic themes. Arty style avoids the conventional and chooses something unique. People with arty style also prefer handcrafted items and actually create their own clothing and even accessories at times.



The word “preppy” originates from the classic style that prep schools on the East Coast are known for. While these schools traditionally have had strict dress codes and uniforms, over the years, students have made their own individual style out of the pieces they were told to wear.



If you wanna be grunge, express your rebelliousness through clothes and grungy accessories. By drawing inspiration from the 1990s, the neo-grunge trend revived after 2016 and hardly remains the same Seattle band inspirited movement, switching over to a fresh new interpretation that’s still slouchy and pared back but way more luxurious. This time, a mix of glam touches, dark florals, subtle rips and relaxed silhouettes are keen on painting grunge anew.


Black jeans, bullet belts and silver stud belts, leather jackets/denim vests, leather studs and any simple T shirt, shoes – converse, or military-style for boys. For girls: black skinny jeans, leopard print or patterned skirts, bullet and stud belts, band tees, leather anything, mesh and ripped mesh, and feel free to thrown in a bit of pink.

Fashion style tips for people who love to maintain wardrobe

  • Buy Lots of different accessories from different style such as Bohemia, Punk, Artsy etc. 
  • Give Up the Graphic Tees for a More Mature Look
  • Rock Jeans That Actually Make You Look Good
  • Class Up Your Footwear
  • Decorate Your Wrists
  • Use tribal jewelry from different continent and culture, of-course online you get cheap offers   
  • Layer Your Clothes for More Interesting Outfits
  • Wear a Jackets, Coats, Shrugs That Elevates Your Class

Styling Tips for People who hate shopping and fashion


Be Simple 

Simplicity is key when you’re building a stylish wardrobe. Going too overboard with colour, detail and pattern can throw off your whole look, and we can’t have that. If you’re struggling to find an outfit for the day, it’s important to know what looks good on you and stick with it. For a timeless look that will forever be in style, wear the classic plain white tee and jeans look. Plus it makes it seem like you haven’t put too much thought into what you’re wearing.

Maintain Your Class

Trend-led pieces are the downfall for many. They have the ability to take a classic look and turn it into a very unstylish and sometimes unflattering outfit. It’s best to stick to the classics when dressing as this will see you through a lot more seasons rather than trend-led pieces.


Keep your body in attractive shape

If your body & health is in bad condition, no style can make you look good. Exercise, Gym, Swimming, Sports are some very basic to look good. Now, this goes without saying, but being well groomed is a massive boost to your style. As well as this, it can give you a huge confidence boost. Your hair is your main port of call as it will probably be the first thing that people see when they look at you, so you have to give off the right impression.

maxresdefault (1)10-most-beautiful-Serbian-female-athletes-1-e1464031979600

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Fashion Model: Type, Male Models, Career, Secret of Modeling World, Model Sketches, Duties & Responsibilities, Salary


Fashion modeling is of three kinds : Live modeling for ramp fashion shows, offline and online media modeling and modeling for real life situations and events. They are not only restricted to modelling yet get good employment opportunities in Movies, TV channels, serials, reality shows, game shows, and other TV programmes. Lucrative jobs are available at ad and fashion industry. The different lucrative modelling fields are: runaway, catalogue, showroom, fit, promotional, television, videos, print advertisement and editorial modelling.




Steps to Becoming a Successful Model

maxresdefault (1).jpg

  • Higher education always helps, and good IQ, values, communication skill, attitude and mind-set is must to be successful. Color, Shape, Size comes latter.
  • If you don’t look like a runway model, that’s fine! Know the odds of what you face in terms of the area you live, what your look has to offer, and how hard each specific outlet for modeling is, such as commercial or runway.
  • People want to see you in the raw to see if you could transformed into a variety of looks. Remember, you’re pretty just as you are, so let those agencies see you for you! Most importantly, no Glamour Shot photos!
  • The modeling world can be laced with drugs, alcohol, sex-trades, rape, greed and more if you get in with the wrong crowd, which is easy to do when you’re looking for a quick route to fame and fortune.
  • A good agency should understand your personal needs as a model, lift you up, and never take money from you. They should also never ask you to put yourself in a dangerous or compromising situation.

Some Ugly Secrets of Modeling World


  • Models Earn Extra Cash As High-End Escorts
  • There Is A Lot Of Bullying
  • The Drugs Are Free
  • They Are Constantly Under Pressure To Abuse Drugs
  • Cotton Ball Diet diet is a fashion industry secret as models have the sensation of feeling full without gaining any weight
  • Photographers Reportedly Subject Models To Sexual Abuse
  • Some Agencies Expect You To Model Topless At Just 16-Years-Old

The drugstore staples expand in the stomach, making you feel full. Eating them is just one of many over-the-top tactics models employ to keep thin.

Competition in the fashion world is brutal, and models must go to extreme lengths to get cast in shows. Once they get a spot on the runway, they often have to endure harsh conditions and little to no pay.


Fashion Designer & Model’s collaboration for Poses and Postures  

In the fashion world, new designs are presented in the form of hand-drawn sketches before they’re actually cut and sewn. First designers draw a croquis, the model-shaped figure that serves as the base of the sketch. The point is not to draw a realistic-looking figure, but a blank canvas of sorts on which to display illustrations of dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories and the rest of your creations. Adding color and details like ruffles, seams and buttons helps to bring your ideas to life. The model for designer’s design, called a croquis, should be drawn in a pose that will show off the items best. Designers can show the model walking, sitting, bending, or in any other position. As a beginner, designers may want to start with the most common pose, which is a runway sketch that shows a model standing or striding on a runway. This is easiest to draw and it will allow designers to illustrate all of designs in full view.


Entry Level Model Responsibilities

Duties and Tasks for: “Model”

1) Manager (As subject or hold) makeup to face and hairstyle to enhance appearance, considering such factors as color, camera techniques, and facial features.

2) Display products, clothing and merchandise in real life, commercials, advertisements, and/or fashion shows.

3) Dress in sample or completed garments, and select accessories.

4) Follow strict routines of diet, sleep, and exercise to maintain appearance.

5) Gather information from agents concerning the pay, dates, times, provisions, and lengths of jobs.

6) Promote products and services in television commercials, on film, or in videos




E-commerce and advertising agencies are biggest employer of fashion models. High fashion usually pertains to top-selling, exquisite lines of clothing produced by top designers and fashion companies. Models then show the styles off at fashion shows and in television advertisements, magazine ads and on large billboards. While most high fashion models usually work in prime locations such as New York or Los Angeles, the Internet has made it possible for them to work from photography studios and scenic venues across the country. They earn incomes averaging above $60,000 annually.   


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Plus Size Fashions: Why it’s so popular? Tips, Tricks, Hacks…


Having a plus size body is a gift for most women,  as those who are slim or size zero copy to these curvy models. Plus is a gift as some are blessed with creative juices on how to pull off the right clothes while others have more difficulty wearing the best clothes that accentuate their curves. And then there are some left who are just resigned to wearing basics, because of a lack of options.


Very High Waist Jeans

High-waist jeans should be on your hit list because they tuck in most of the flab and do a great job of making you look slender, tall, and slim. The ones that are black, stretchable, and stop near your ankle are what you need. Fetch those straight-cut high-rise jeans!



Have a shapewear

This is must. Every woman needs a little bit of cinching, smoothing, and support sometimes. Generally, smoothing in the tummy and hips can make us look more refined and polished in our clothes. The number one piece that women should have is a body briefer. it’s a blessing in disguise. It tames fat around the midriff, hip, and thigh regions effectively. And it also acts as a catalyst to make you look slimmer. Invest in it, and you will be thankful.



Slit is the hottest trend these days. Every women loves to own it. For a curvy body slit is a best way to flaunt the lower bottom area. It hides your heavy thighs, make your legs look longer and adds spark to your personality by giving that edge in your look.


Minimizer Bra

Minimizers can reduce your breasts anywhere from a quarter of an inch to well over an inch, depending on what you desire most in a silhouette. Minimizer bras help clothes fit better while you still remain comfortable. They help button up blouses not gap open, and help reduce the size of your cleavage when wearing turtlenecks. Minimizer bras are a must for large busted women who want to wear button-down blouses without popping out. A minimizer is also great with turtlenecks, which can make your chest look larger. A good minimizer bra is a versatile wardrobe staple.


Go for loose

Go for loose halter tops over tight tanks to avoid underarm chafing. When it’s especially hot and humid out and you’re running around outside, underarm chafing from tight tank tops can be a literal pain. A breezy halter allows your underarms to breathe and still looks totally flirty.

Wrap Up Your Button Down

Here is a quick tip to rework the classic white button down. With the shirt on and unopened, wrap one end of the shirt tail to the opposite side of your waist, pin it and vice versa for the other end of the garment. Tuck into a skirt of jeans for a different look to an old favorite. The motion of the wrap top will accentuate your waist and put the focus on the smallest part of your frame.


Opt to Wrap Around Gowns

Get the hourglass shape with wrap around dresses. They will enhance your body, hide the flaws perfectly and make you look prettier. You can even pick wrap around blouses with 3/4 sleeves that will show the best in you.


Plump for small prints

Big and huge prints on clothes, for example, big polka dots on your top can ruin the look. It will make you appear bulkier so opt for small prints on outfits. You can safely pick horizontal stripes and subtle prints.


Invest in proper undergarments

Choose the right bra and panty considering your size. They should not be too loose or too tight, but properly fitting. Undergarments can make and break the look so steer clear of badly fitting ones. your underwear should preferably be stretchable and high rise to camouflage the flab. Either way, good undergarments are helpful in more ways than one and are always a great investment.


Go For Tight Fit with Jackets / Coats / Shrugs

Don’t buy clothing that doesn’t fit you. Even if you’re on a diet are/or bargaining with yourself to lose weight, or think you can squeeze into the garment and just not breathe for a few hours, don’t buy it (unless you can figure out how to use a seam ripper or DIY it, then go ahead).

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What is fashion house


Chanel was founded by Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco. She was only 12 when her mother died, and to make matters worse, her father then abandoned the family. Coco and her siblings were sent to an orphanage, which is where she learned how to sew. It might not come as a surprise to you that Hermès is the oldest fashion house that is still in business. Guccio Gucci opened a very small saddlery shop in 1906 and started selling practical leather bags to his horsemen customers sometime in the ’20s. Prada, founded by Mario Prada, dates back to Milan, Italy, 1913. Mario sold steamer trunks and imported handbags. Gianni Versace grew up helping his mother, a dressmaker, embroider dresses and do tailoring. He studied architecture and moved to Milan when he was 26 to work in fashion. After working for a couple of designers, he was ready to start his own line and opened his first store in Milan in 1978. In 1856, Thomas Burberry opened a very small store in Hampshire, England, focusing on practical outdoor wear. Almost all fashion houses started with small store or business but with creativity, innovation and good business model grow to become fashion house.

“Fashion House : A business that designs, makes, and sells fashionable clothes that are typically associated with an important designer, or a company that designs news styles of expensive clothes. It is important to note that the expression “fashion house” is associated with a designer or team of designers who create exclusive and often trend-setting garments.”

A fashion label is usually run by an individual and has one designer and a small team of people working for it, on the contrary, a brand is a larger company with several participating in the design and development process and has larger scale marketing and manufacturing.


1837 – Hermès

1854 – Louis Vuitton

1889 – Lanvin

1909 – Chanel

1913 – Prada

1932 – Nina Ricci

1946 – Dior

1952 – Givenchy

1960 – Valentino

1961 – Yves Saint Laurent

The top fashion houses often have their own distinctive look. It’s what sets them apart and makes them iconic. However, unless you speak fluent fashion, sometimes decoding the top fashion houses might be a bit confusing. Haute couture clothing has been made by hand from start to finish and requires extreme skills to achieve.  These include high street brands that mass produce clothes catering to a larger target audience, are affordable (larger price bracket) and aren’t very occasion specific. These clothes are ready-to-wear and keep changing season to season. Now many fashion houses have started to serve Haute couture and high street customers and due to this the basic definition of fashion house is not rationally applicable. These houses have personalized designers’ team but also manufacturing firm, mass advertising, high street stores, branding and brand ambassador, online eCommerce website etc.   

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80s Fashion Trends

Fashion in the 1980s was all about excess. Everything was big, bold, and utterly glamorous. Turns out ’80s fashion trends, like puffy sleeves, ruffles, and shoulder pads, are more fashionable that you thought. These styles from the decade are making a modern comeback—both on and off the runway. The ’80s was a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes (permed hair included), with trends spanning ripped tights and leather to polished oversized blazers, and style icons ranging from Joan Jett to Brooke Shields.



Bowties were very popular with puffy, layered and curls. Madonna knew how to give big hair! The 80’s were all about lots of volume and big hair. For some reason, a big style in the 80’s was to always look like you were on the way to the gym, mainly because of these headbands.


Intense Eyeshadow

Like the style of the ’80s, the eyeshadow of the time was also fierce. This is true not only for the colour of the eyeshadow but also for its application. Often women would wear their eyeshadow right up to their brows.


Shoulder Pads

Extreme shoulder pads were worn by women on popular shows like Dynasty—which, by the way, is being rebooted. Sew shoulder pads into blazers and jackets. The bigger, the better.


Neon Colors

Today, you and I would think 10 times before we put on an outfit like this. But, back in the day, nothing was considered ‘incorrect’ when it came to fashion. Sure, there were rules, but people embraced change and eccentricity much more easily than we do today. So, if you are going to an 80s fancy dress or a show, this is a great option too.


Bolo Ties

Speaking of accessories, don’t be afraid to try out a bolo tie. They can actually look super cute on men or women. Just keep the rest of your outfit simple and classic to balance the look.



This plushy fabric essentially combined the luxurious feel of velvet with the stretchy properties of materials like spandex. It was everywhere, but especially on tracksuits and sweatshirts. High-end designers like Dior would put out cozy v-neck sweaters made of velour, while athletic brands like Fila made track suits that caught on with young troublemakers and trendsetters alike.


80s Hip-Hop Fashion

Hip-hop music and culture were extremely prevalent in the ‘80s. As such, hip-hop fashion was also trending, especially in urban areas. Inspired by stars, such as the iconic Salt-N-Pepa trio and Queen Latifah, hip-hop fashion for women was similar to that for men. Baggy silhouettes and athletic details characterised the look along with bold and bright colours and bold patterns. When it came to accessories, sneakers and snapback caps reigned supreme.


Charm Necklaces, Bolo Ties, Lace Gloves, Fold Over Super High-Top Converse, Scrunchies, Jelly Bracelets, Jellies, Glasses with Fancy Temples, Streamer Barrettes, Banana Clips very very common in 80s.