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Tribal Tree: Gift of Unique Jewelry


Tribal jewellery is not a cohesive whole. We often refer to certain kinds of jewellery as being tribal, but within this broad umbrella, are a number of different tribal cultures which have produced very notable kinds of styles for the objects of adornment.

Tribal jewellery has been produced by almost all tribal cultures, but some of these styles are more pronounced and renowned than the others. African tribal designs, Turkish designs, Tibetan designs Native American designs amongst others,1fe2d69d023d17fe974d9fccd7f8abc0.jpghave their own distinct trademarks and are very popular. Pieces produced with these designs are very distinct. Although many of these tribal cultures have died out in their truest forms, their histories remain in (amongst other things) their style of jewellery.

In the past, tribal jewellery was made out of many different kinds of materials. From animal bones claws, to rocks and seeds, jewellery was made out of the natural elements which these cultures found themselves amongst. However, today, making jewellery out of animal parts is illegal, not to mention cruel and unfeeling. Metal is used to make most of the jewellery, but the tribal designs and motifs are still preserved through these different materials.


Tribal jewellery used to be worn by both men and women. The jewellery extended beyond just being pieces of adornment. The kind of jewellery one wore, suggested one’s status in society, or in the family hierarchy. The jewellery was also very essential in trade and was very essential to the barter system. In some cultures, tribal jewellery was also very important because it had spiritual value.


Tribal jewellery styles are followed till date, in order to ensure cultural heritage and in order to preserve a dying and niche art. Tribal jewellery designs may have been crude, and not as intricate, but they have their own distinctiveness and they have their unique artistic appeal. Most cultures wore tribal jewellery in large amounts, on a daily basis, and they layered their jewellery. Most of the designs are based on geometrical shapes, although other, more intricate patterns are also sometimes made, but in crude ways.
Even today, wearing tribal jewellery is incredibly fashionable.


They are almost always big and chunky, and are statement pieces. They are eye-catching and very artistic, and if you want to make it a part of your daily attire, then there are some ways to make sure they look their best. Pairing them up with ethic clothes is one way to go about wearing tribal jewellery. One can also mix it up by wearing it with basics, so that the attention is focused on the statement piece. Tribal necklaces are very big, so make sure you do not use big earrings along with them, because then the effect will look crowded and overdone.


Tribal rings, however, are something you can go all out, with. Wearing various kinds of tribal rings on many fingers will attract attention towards your hands. Tribal ankets too, look very chic. Wear them with shorts, a long or short skirt, three-quarter pants and tights.

This kind of jewellery, which is today made of silver, metal, and various semi-precious stones and beads, is a unique fashion statement which is very much in! So go ahead and explore your wilder side with various kinds of old and new tribal jewellery.

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