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Chanel Brings Ancient Greece to Paris for Resort 2018

Chanel Brings Ancient Greece to Paris for Resort 2018Under Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel has made a habit of taking its Cruise collections on the road to fabulous destinations, from Cuba to Seoul, and drawing inspiration from the local culture and style. But if Lagerfeld can stage a rocket launch in the Grand Palais, as he did for Fall 2017, maybe he can also conjure the spirits of international style right at home in Paris. That he did today with a collection called “La Modernité de l’Antiquité” that raised ancient Greece from the past. Ionic columns rose in the Grand Palais, while a Greek sunset served as a painted backdrop. While you wait for Luke Leitch’s review, get the five things you need to know about Chanel Resort 2018 here.



In Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment, a bust of Venus sat on the mantle. That served as Lagerfeld’s jumping-off point this season, with the designer saying, “The criteria of beauty in ancient, then classical, Greece still hold true. There have never been more beautiful representations of women. Or more beautiful columns. The entire Renaissance, in fact, was based on antiquity. It is really about the youth of the world in all its power and unpredictability.“


Forget stiletto or block heels. Lagerfeld’s take on Greek style comes complete with Ionic column–heeled gladiator sandals. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Ionic columns are quite sturdy.


Red-and-black-figure-painted pottery was one of the most popular ways ancient Greeks depicted the human body in two dimensions. Lagerfeld reworked the motifs in column dresses with rows and rows of illustrations evoking the Greek originals.


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